A community should go beyond just a group of people living in an area. Thata��s why we seek to elevate quality of life through a progressive mindset and nurture values of community, consideration and social responsibility. Beyond brick and mortar, wea��re redefining the meaning of community through the way we think and act.



Redefining community with a new spin on a local practice.

In Singapore, ita��s common practice to use a pack of tissues or a personal item to reserve a seat at a public eatery. But having a dispensable item on you every time you head out to eat can be a hassle. The CHOPE movement is our way of helping Singaporeans save a seat (and time!) with a pack of tissues that can be quickly transformed into a reserve sign. Handed out at every major eatery across the island, these handy packs are also refillable and easily customised. A simple act, but one that builds on common ground between Singaporeans and reinforces the way we identify as a community.




We are just at the tip of the iceberg. As we grow, we will continue to reach out to the communities around us and bring change through acts of kindness, social movements and countless opportunities. Because as we grow hearts and minds, we can truly redefine living for everyone and everything around us.


“CHOPE, This Seat Is Mine!”

Want to Go Out For Lunch? Let Us Help You To CHOPE A Seat!
CHOPE Coming Your Way This 20 November.

“Redefining more than CHOPE!”

We redefine community by providing more than just Chope!
Save the day and pass it on.

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